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The Year of the Dragon

Sid McDaniel is an undercover cyber hunter who catches spies doing corporate espionage, but he finds himself sucked into a scandal so explosive it could start a war with China. To come out alive, Sid must expose Chinese interests and corrupt US officials. But, in this war for truth, even much of the corporate media establishment is against him. The result is a modern, honest and breathtaking story, as sometimes only a novel can get at the whole truth. 

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Kill Big Brother​

Sid McDaniel is an undercover computer forensic expert. Operating in the darkest corners of the web, his job is busting corporate hackers—the Russians, the Chinese—or whomever. Suddenly, Sid’s life becomes an Orwellian nightmare when his cover is blown by an online cult that wants to recruit him, and the FBI, which wants him to be a double agent. Sidney is caught between the two powerful camps vying for control of the cyber profiles of every citizen in the world—their personal data, preferences, contacts—everything. As Sid maneuvers between the anarchist agenda of the Dark Web cyber cult and the mechanisms of the Big Brother police state, he must answer for himself the fundamental questions of the Digital Age: Is privacy dead? Are we doomed to a real-life 1984? Or is there a way to freedom? 

The Deep State Revolution

"Frank Miniter has written a cyber-thriller that packs a political punch—an intrigue-filled tale that proves once again that fiction can warn us about the future." -Rich Lowry, editor of National Review

Sid McDaniel finds himself sucked into a scandal so explosive, it could crack the Deep State’s power wide open. A cabal within the FBI desperately needs to suppress a new dossier by stopping Sid. To come out alive, Sid must fight them on their own turf. But he refuses to play by their rules. The result is a modern, honest, and breathtaking story—as sometimes only a novel can get at the whole truth.

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The Ultimate Man's Survival Guide 

This is the ultimate handbook for real men. It explains everything from surviving an avalanche and identifying poisonous snakes to picking a great cigar. The metrosexual man may be good at cocktail chat, but a real man knows how to fight off alligators, be a hero, talk to women, and be a true pal. Broken into eight sections – survivor, provider, athlete, hero, romantic, cultured man, pal, and philosopher – The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide teaches guys the skills, attitudes, and philosophies they need to be the ultimate man. To find these skills and knowledge I went to the best—to professional athletes, UFC fighters, a master of running with the bulls … and many more. 

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This Will Make a Man Out of You

“If you care about manhood and womanhood (or personhood, humanhood); about honor and values and what William Faulkner called ‘the eternal verities,’ what Ernest Hemingway called ‘the real old things’—you should be reading this book now.” –H. R. Stoneback, president of the Ernest Hemingway Foundation and Society, author of Reading Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises

This is the pursuit of what makes men. Everyone agrees that manliness is in crisis, but answers to what makes men are fleeting. So I decided to go to the places we all agree still make men to find out what we’re losing and how to bring it back. The quest led to a secret fraternity of men who keep an ultimate rite of passage alive. In their story are all the answers to what we can do to become all we want to be. Consider yourself invited for this adventure. 

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The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide to the Workplace

"In these perilous times in our politics and workplaces, honest guidebooks like The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide to the Workplace are essential to showing people how to be gentlemen who can survive and thrive.” –Businessman Donald Trump Jr.

This is a long-overdue follow-up to the bestselling The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide: Rediscovering the Lost Art of Manhood. This hilarious and colorful guide to surviving the modern office is an absolute must for any man whose instincts are frequently leading him into saying and doing the absolute wrong thing in the workplace. It reaches out to experts in every field men need to hear from today to not just survive but the thrive as heroic gentleman in today's workplaces. Broken into seven parts, this guide gives insider advice on how to dress, speak, move, be the office hero and how to lead, as a gentelman should.

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